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Strategies to Support the Learning of Adults with Disability- Online is a Course

Strategies to Support the Learning of Adults with Disability- Online

Time limit: 60 days

$100 Enrol

Full course description

This self-paced interactive course has been developed for Support Workers who work with adults with disability in supported workplace, living and community settings. It is one of a series of courses in STaR’s Supporting Lifelong Learning Program and will equip you with evidence-based strategies to support the learning of adults with disability.


The first module provides an overview of what learning is and why lifelong learning is a human right. You will reflect on how we are all teachers and be presented with some common characteristics of adult learners with disabilities and the implications of these.


In the second module you will be presented with examples of basic strategies that can be used to set the scene for learning success. With case studies and video examples you will see these strategies come to life. You will also complete short, practical tasks within your own workplace and receive feedback on these from our team of Special Educators.


Modules three and four will provide you with an in-depth look at specific strategies you can use to teach skills explicitly and how to provide the right type and level of prompting to support learning and independence. In module five you will learn about a range of strategies you can use to support communication.