Webinar 3 - Step 2: Strategies to support inclusion

Time limit: 30 days

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Full course description

In this webinar you will be presented with strategies to support the inclusion of children with disability or developmental delay in your early childhood service. You will be guided through how to best structure your early childhood environment to support the access, engagement, and participation of all children in regular routines and learning experiences. An overview of different evidence-based strategies will be presented, along with real-life examples of how they can be implemented in early childhood services. 
At the conclusion of this webinar, you will have the knowledge to: 

  • structure the early childhood environment to support the engagement and participation of all children in early childhood routines and learning experiences, including environmental changes to improve access and support participation.  
  • implement strategies to support the child’s participation and learning within the routines and learning experiences of the early childhood setting (as written in the ILP).